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Most thefts are opportunist.If there is a choice of stealing from a well designed heavy duty clamp which is bolted down or one less secure or even not secure at all it is obvious which one thieves will go for.

In addition to the visible bolts there are concealed bolts under the wheel. We recommend that the units are bolted into concrete using”Rawlbolts”and that snap off nuts are used-these leave a domed nut which cannot be taken off with a spanner.An extra measure is to apply super glue to threads when tightening.

We have come up with a devices that we consider (and award bodies agree) that make the lives of thieves very much more difficult.

True that if a thief has equipment like burning equipment and electric grinders and noise and time are not restrictive they may get the vehicle. However this usually isn't the case.

At the time of this advert no customer who has purchased a Quad Vice or a Bike Vice has ever had a theft from our clamps.


QuadVice locking mechanism

Adjustable hub fits all quad bikes

QuadVice roller

Drive on rollers active closing mechanism

Quad Vice key Lock

2 locks for added security

QuadVice base security, Bison Security

8 Anchor points for bolting to floor